Crazy Barkers was established in early 2018, however, I have been working with dogs and their owners for a lot longer.  I originally started walking dogs because of my own one (not the one in the picture)!  He was difficult and stubborn, among other things.  I dreaded taking him for a walk, after all, it would be him taking me! The park was a no go! His collie instinct would kick in and he would terrorise all the other dogs.  Oh and god help me if he saw somebody he liked..... he would be in the air, almost flying to them to say hello...... I ended up battered and bruised on quite a few occasions. 

He was so attached to us as a family, it ruled our lives.  We would pop to the shops, come home to find he had raided the cupboards, made himself a nice little den to sleep in on the sofa, never mind the fact he had destroyed it..... he was comfy! Our flooring was ruined due to him relieving himself while we were out.  I couldn't cope anymore.  Something had to be done, his separation anxiety was getting out of control. We were not happy and neither was he.

I tried a few dog trainers but nothing seemed to work, I was at breaking point, we were going to have to re home him.  But he was part of our family, no matter how unruly, destructive and lets be honest just plain annoying (i'm sure we've all been there!) he was, we still loved him.


I made a decision that I was going to make it MY mission to get Milo under control and happy.  It was a long and hard process.  I knew he needed my time and affection and that is exactly what he got! I BECAME A DOG TRAINER.

We had a new dog who was loving, obedient and we were all enjoying life again.


I have spent years perfecting what I do through experiences with my own dogs and working with other difficult dogs.

I absolutely love what I do, I love seeing the relief on dog owners faces when they realise there is light at the end of the tunnel. But seeing a dog go from being hyper, destructive, stressed etc.... to becoming a calm happy member of the family, well there is no feeling like it!